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Kenny Williams -- you have failed.

Posted on: May 22, 2010 7:33 am
Edited on: May 22, 2010 7:34 am
When Kenny Williams traded Chris Getz (who was one of the only fast guys we had) and Josh Fields for Mark Teahan and his whopping 12 HR in 2009 (not great power numbers for a third baseman) -- I asked to myself "why?"

When Kenny Williams signed 33 year old Andruw Jones (who hit .158 and .214 in his last two seasons, respectivley) -- I asked to myself "why?"

When Kenny Williams signed 105 year old Omar Vizquel (who enjoyed his best years during the Grover Cleveland administration) -- I scratched my head and asked to myself "why?" and then proceed to comment to whomever wanted to listen "I hear Roberto Alomar and Sandy Alomar Jr. are still available."

When Kenny Williams traded for Juan Pierre (who has a career OBP of .347) -- I scratched my head and asked aloud "this is going to be our lead off man?"

Keny Williams has made many questionable moves in the past -- but the good thing was, for the most part--they worked out. See Carlos Quentin, Freddy Garcia (2nd time around), Alex Rios, Scott Podsednik (2nd time around), etc. And he's also made some superb trades/free agent acquistions. The trade I always come back to saying how great it was happend in late 2004 when he sent Carlos Lee to the Brewers for Scott Podsednik and Luis Vizcaino. Sure, Carlos Lee hit 30+ home runs over the course of the next three seasons. But without Vizcaino in the bullpen and Scotty Pods in the leadoff spot, there is no way we win the World Series in 2005. Getting a veteran leader like Mark Kotsay for Brian Anderson was a steal in 2009. Getting Jake Peavy for career minor leaguers was a steal.

It's time for KW to go. This 2010 team known as the Chicago White Sox is a bloody train wreck. We can't hit (3rd to last in MLB with a stunning .238 team BA) and we can't pitch (4.43 ERA is 20th in MLB and I thought pitching was supposed to be our strong point.) About the only thing we can do semi-mediocrally is field (12th in MLB in fielding percentage.)

Juan Pierre (I know he's coming around and has raised his BA to over .260) is a 4th outfielder at best. There's a reason he didn't play in L.A. The only reason he started so many games in 2009 was because Manny Ramirez was suspended for 50 games.

Andruw Jones is looking like the Andruw Jones of old. He fooled us there for a while and I even picked him up on my fantasy team. Stupid me.

Omar Vizquel is a waste of a roster spot. I'd rather have Chris Getz back.

And what about Gordon "Our Lord And Savior" Beckham. Remember all that trade talk in the off-season -- Beckham for Adrian Gonzalez? Can we have a do-over on that please?

The fact is, this team is a mess. Someone has to be held accountable. As much as Ozzie Guillen's act is wearing on my last nerve, the man can only play the cards he's dealt. When he hit Mark Kotsay leadoff for a game against the Yankees last month, you know you have issues. Time for KW to go.

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